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360 Photo & Video

360-degree photos and videos allow you to experience the world in an incredible, fully-immersive virtual reality. It brings to life the all aspects of scenes and landscapes by capturing everything in high resolution and allowing omnidirectional viewing from a single standing location.

We offer a full range of 360-degree Photo and Video services:

  • GoPro Omni 360 Photo & Video
  • Matterport 360 Scanning & Photography
  • 3D Modeling Application

We use the GoPro Omni to develop fully immersive 360-degree indoor and outdoor photographs and videos. The GoPro Omni is an all-inclusive synchronized 6-camera array and allows us to produce fully immersive 360/virtual reality content to completely capture the essence of the locations and scenes you want others to experience. This system provides us the freedom to take high-resolutions photos and videos use them for a variety of industries and integrated into a range of applications (Web, Apps, Virtual & Augments Reality). We offer a comprehensive & detailed approach to capturing, stitching, editing, & publishing the content necessary.

Matterport is an immersive and three-dimensional experience (see video above) of a real-world property (residential or commercial). A Scanned/360 photographed Matterport space can be navigated virtually on your mobile, tablet, PC, or virtual reality ready device (Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, or Google Daydream). We offer Matterport 3D scanning and 360 photography services to enhance and bring the reality of your property to life We include a comprehensive solution in addition to the dollhouse, floorplan, and immersive walk-through already included with the basic 3D scan.

We can develop/render 3D models to be viewed both in two and three-dimensional application. Two-dimensional application of a model allows for an item to be viewed from a particular angle (i.e. side view and a top view of a piece of furniture.) Three-dimensional application of a model allows for full 360 degree viewing of the product or item (i.e. same piece of furniture, but now with the ability to rotate on a vertical and horizontal axis). Both application have their advantages depending on the end use of the product and how it is needed to be experienced by the end user in a particular environment (e.g. App, type of device, web-browser, or in mixed-reality.)

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