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About Us

Raedan Group was formed in 2006 to meet the needs of organizations requiring solutions and services specifically focused on dynamic concepts and designs that are mediated using emergent technologies and business processes. We know that every organization desires to be more proficient in productivity and growth.

Considering the accelerated rate of change impacting organizations from today’s multifaceted structural and technological needs, many organizations are confronted by stagnant development, hindered progress, or a frustratingly static problem-solving mindset. Finding solutions implies change. Many people believe, incorrectly, that coming change implies “something is wrong.”

On the contrary, change indicates the opposite: growth, progression, continuous improvement, and promoting future success. Therefore, an organization can no longer afford to simply be the sum of its parts—organizations must be able to create and sustain multiples of their parts. To achieve that success Raedan Group provides Bespoke Services, Trained Experts, and Solution Providers

Raedan is an Anglo-Saxon name meaning one that advises. To achieve that success, Raedan Group provides expert diagnostics, developmental solutions, and bespoke services for small-businesses, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions. We continually strive to be your catalyst for current and future performance. Your increased success is based on our team helping you produce results, not just giving ideas.

As a combination of service-oriented and solutions-focused experts, our mission is to make your organization innovative, proficient, and profitable. Our team consists of trained experts in business growth, emerging technologies, and online education development—all who work in conjunction with your organization to help you find proactive, unique solutions to develop real strategies and outcomes to transform your organization to a new level of operational success.

Unlike other firms that may provide vague “business plans and strategies,”: we do not use the “cookie-cutter” approach to solution-solving. You know your organization better than anyone; therefore, we specifically and comprehensively tailor solutions to your unique needs and situations that complement and enhance your organizational culture, structure, mission, resources, and budget.

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