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3D Modeling

The objective of 3D modeling is to take objects (real-world or imaginary) and create them in a virtual three-dimensional world. 3D modeling allows you to create these objects as realistic or artistically as needed to be used in an environment that is most applicable and useful for the needed effect.

We offer the following 3D modeling, rendering, & simulation solutions.

  • 3D Modeling Application
  • Material Draping
  • 3D Model Showcasing
  • 3D Software & Mixed Reality

We can develop/render 3D models to be viewed both in two and three-dimensional application. Two-dimensional application of a model allows for an item to be viewed from a particular angle (i.e. side view and a top view of a piece of furniture.) Three-dimensional application of a model allows for full 360 degree viewing of the product or item (i.e. same piece of furniture, but now with the ability to rotate on a vertical and horizontal axis). Both application have their advantages depending on the end use of the product and how it is needed to be experienced by the end user in a particular environment (e.g. App, type of device, web-browser, or in mixed-reality.)

3D modeling allows for the draping of the numerous fabric or material options onto a modeled item/product. (i.e. a chair with various wood and fabric options). This allows the end-user to see all the various styles and options applied to an item/product and experienced within the two or three-dimensional modeling application. This provides the end-user with a fully customized rendering of the item/product.

Developed 3D models with the various material options can then be showcased as a single item, multiple items, or staged in an actual room where all the pieces go together. For example, if you have a, bed, chairs, bed stands, lamps, and tables, you can then show these items individually or as a collective full-featured room yet displaying each item's unique features and various material options. In addition, we can incorporate e-commerce (the ability to order the unique item/product), augmented reality (placing and viewing the item in the environment to see if it is applicable for its intended use), and other technological applications for 3D models developed and rendered.

We have knowledge and experience in Unity, Autodesk 3ds Max, V-Ray, blender, and other modeling, rendering, and simulation software. In addition, we incorporate 3D models within mixed-reality experience including Google Tango, Vuforia (i.e. VuMarks) and Microsoft HoloLens.

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