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Educational Development

Our Educational Services are purposefully designed to train, communicate, and educate in the most effective academic methodologies. Whether you need corporate training or an academic online platform developed, we excel in helping to meet academic accreditation standards.

We offer comprehensive, customized educational learning services:

  • Corporate & Academic Development
  • Academic Accreditation, Development, & Achievement
  • Content & Material Online conversion
  • LMS and CMS Construction and Development
  • System back-end support and management

We can develop for corporate training and regionally accredited higher education level programs and courses. We help develop the program overview and direction along with course overview learning outcomes, assignments, and assessments.

We have experience and expertise working with both regional and national accreditation standards including American Council on Education (ACE), Distance Education & Training Council (DETC), Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and others.

We can help convert and review material and content already developed and help properly translate it to an already operating online Content/Learning Management System or develop it on a new platform.

Content and Learning Management systems are the environments that house content for programs, courses, and materials. We have experience and knowledge in the latest LMS and CMS environments including Blackboard, ECollege, Moodle, WordPress, and others. Whether you are using a current LMS or want to develop a new project, we have the expertise to implement your educational implementation needs and goals.

We offer full back-end support of the programs, courses, materials, and technological systems that we help to implement. This provides a comprehensive solution and ensures you are not left on your own to manage the newly developed solution.

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