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Matterport 360

Matterport is an immersive and three-dimensional experience (see video above) of a real-world property (residential or commercial). A Scanned/360 photographed Matterport space can be navigated virtually on your mobile, tablet, PC, or virtual reality ready device (Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, or Google Daydream).

We offer Matterport 3D scanning and 360 photography services to enhance and bring the reality of your property to life We include a comprehensive solution in addition to the dollhouse, floorplan, and immersive walk-through already included with the basic 3D scan.

  • Matterport Highlighted Tour
  • Matterport Points
  • Floor Plan Schematic
  • Virtual Reality experience
  • Cloud Hosting & Scan Packages
  • Photography download
  • MLS & personal website compliant

We customize a highlighted tour experience of the property that includes 3D scans and 360 photography. This is accessible to the viewer at the click of a button; it highlights the most salient points of the property giving them a substantial overview. Upon completion, the viewer can continue to explore the dollhouse and floorplan view and 3D immersive walk-through of the property.

We provide Matterport points to enhance the unique features and accents of the property. These are specific tags that are highlighted throughout the 3D-immersive walk-through that give detailed information that draw attention to the intricate facets of the property. This allows a viewer to gain a deeper knowledge and appreciation for the property.

Upon completion, we provide a two-dimensional drawing of all levels of the Matterport 3D property scan. This shows the square-footage of all areas (e.g. bedrooms, baths, living spaces) of the property so the viewer can easily perceive the size and functionality of the property. The floor plan schematic is available to upload to a website for potential buyers/renters to download/view at their leisure.

Potential buyers/renters that have Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, and/or Google Daydream can experience the property in Virtual Reality. This provides a point-to-point 360 immersive experience of a property like no other. This allows viewers, which cannot physically visit the property, explore the property in the most "real way" possible. It truly is a 360-degree walk-through experience.

Cloud hosting makes your Matterport scan available for use on MLS and personal websites. Any updates are made available across all hosting environments to the current changes. We include 4-months of cloud hosting with a single Matterport property scan; after that time a minimum charge applies. In addition, we offer competitive rate packages starting at 10,000 square-feet; this includes a full year of cloud hosting and the ability to scan as many properties including all features up to the package square-footage.

Once we complete the Matterport 3D scan, you can make it available on MLS and personal websites. In addition, we can develop a website to meet your budget or simply update and refresh a website that already exists. From a simple brochure website to a custom/complex solution including full hosting, ecommerce, user-accounts, and inventory management, we can accommodate the needs and resources of the project. We have experience and expertise in multiple paid and open-source Content Management Systems (CMS) including GoDaddy, Wix, Squarspace, Wordpress, Drupal and others.

The benefit of doing a Matterport Scan is that we can take high-resolution pictures at any angle of the properties features and provide you the photos for download & use. In addition, this allows us the ability to both provide a immersive 3D walkthrough of your property and take high resolutions photos at the same time. This saves both time and cost of hiring a separate videographer and photographer. Combine this with our GoPro Omni Photo & Video services, we offer a complete solution in immersive/virtual reality photography and videography for your next location or property.

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